Wednesday, June 6, 2012

More Back Bay Crime

Woke up this morning... and realized I'd forgotten to shut down my computer before going to bed. Snalbert had opened iTunes again, but he still can't figure out my password and didn't un-mute the volume. He was after some Mozart, as usual. He also got into a photo folder, buried within a couple of other folders on my hard drive, opened a picture of a Christmas wreath I'd decorated in 2010, and managed to put it onto a web page:

What the heck?

This was nothing compared to what we found in the kitchen:

In the night, my husband's box of Trader Joe's hard pretzels had flung itself from the counter, opened its top, and allowed the bag to slither out so pretzels could escape onto the floor.

Or else it was Snalbert's doing. 

Crime solved: All of the escaped pretzel bits were wet, with traces of fang marks, suggesting the work of the resident Carb Fiend — the four-footed beige one, that is; I don't like pretzels if they aren't full of peanut butter or covered in chocolate. (For the record, Trader Joe's has several excellent varieties of those, but their hard ones remind me of cardboard.)

The perp returned to survey the crime scene, as criminals often do:

Possum was nearby and he attempted to force a confession from Bertie with a couple of well-placed jabs to the nose, but Bertie wasn't talking. Instead, he retired to his new lair, my husband's desk, which has been strictly forbidden to him for many years. I documented him, looking very comfortable if not smug:

For a cat whose days are supposedly numbered, he's been living large lately. A lesson for us all.

BTW, my husband says he plans to eat the pretzels that were not soggy escapees. 

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  1. I think it's obvious: Snalbert is blogging. Watch out, I can has cheezburger.Snalbert can haz cheese, pretzels, pancakes, Mozart and Christmas wreaths (I think that is kissing ball envy, which no doubt, Mlle Chalifoux prompted by taunting him with her toy festooned 4 season smooching greenery). We look forward to his posts.


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