Saturday, June 9, 2012

Morning Discoveries

I left my laptop on last night. Snalbert went onto and selected a condo in the South End for us as we slept. It's on Gray Street and it has a fireplace surround of white bathroom tile. The staircase railings are industrial pipes painted white, like one finds in parking garages. We're frustrated Victorians, so this is not our taste; apparently it's Bertie's. Naturally, he won't explain why he added this place to my list of "favorites" to check out, although he howled on other topics this morning. But now there's a little heart icon next to that listing, which only he would have added.

Maybe he's still mad at us for hiding that bag of pretzels he helped himself to earlier this week.

Speaking of little heart icons, he was also eerily helpful to me last night. I'm beginning to worry that he can read my mind. I've been wondering how people on Pinterest add special characters, like stars, hearts, or whatever, to their descriptions. I've been feeling a little stupid because I don't know how. But when I woke up my laptop this morning, I found that Snalbert had helpfully gone to the Edit Menu in Safari and left the Special Characters window open for me. From there, I figured it out, so my web typing can be ornamented with everything from math symbols to Braille patterns from now on. ❦ ⠟ ¶  ♠☟✠ ➚

The twice-daily subcutaneous fluids we give Bertie for chronic renal failure have sent his blood pressure through the roof. ♥  We found out on Thursday that his current medicine isn't helping him enough, and he needs a more powerful medicine that isn't usually prescribed for cats. Thank goodness for the J.E. Pierce Apothecary, a compounding pharmacy on Beacon Street in Brookline: I picked up a month's supply of liquid medicine — chicken-flavored, as Bertie prefers — yesterday (in the rain ☂). Considering all of his web activity, maybe he's already feeling better.

☞ Possum turned on the stereo a little while ago, as I was writing this.  ♬♬♬ I don't know how he does this ⁂, but it's happened three or four times since the kittens arrived. By the time we hear the music and check out the scene, he's sitting innocently in the window... rocking to Bruce Springsteen, in this case. The stereo's tiny power button ◉ is on the front of the receiver, as you'd expect, and it needs a little pressure to engage it. I have no idea how he does it. ⁇⁇

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