Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Possum at Work

Possum and I did some research and writing about a couple of works of Korean art today. Possum and I knew nothing about the subject, but I am pleased to announce that we now know next to nothing.

He claims that he picks up knowledge by lying on me as I read, a form of feline osmosis I hadn't heard about until now. I'm not sure how my torso transmits such information, but I'm too busy right now to argue with him or test his claim. And he certainly does seem to know as much as I know about Korean art.

Possum told me he wanted to use our earnings for this project to finally buy a bicycle rickshaw. He had wanted one badly for Christmas, was very disappointed (sulky, actually) when Santa ignored his wish, and is still obsessed with the thing:

I told him that Anthropologie doesn't sell them anymore, and that we have nowhere safe to park it. He sulked further. I feel sorry for him; his fantasies of riding around Boston, with me pedaling and the other cats perched beside him on that seat, are pretty delightful to hear. 

Possum sulks

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  1. You should take Possum for a Pedicab ride for his "Gottcha Day" present.


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