Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bertie Again

Bertie and I went to the vet this afternoon so she could check his heart and breathing and do some kidney tests.

He howled his head off in the cab, coming and going, with an energy I didn't think he still possessed. He was hoarse and quiet en route to the vet last week, when he was quite sick. So I suppose I should have rejoiced at his renewed caterwauling. But I just felt embarrassed, as ever.

He is still jumping in and out of our bathtub when I'm not watching. That takes energy and muscles, so it's encouraging. But most of the time he hangs out in his new spot unless I carry him into the kitchen to pump him with food or fluid.

The vet says his creatine level is up; not good news, but to be expected because of the combination of a diuretic and reduced fluids taxing his kidneys while helping his heart. I'm supposed to stop the diuretic and increase his fluids slightly. Then we'll test him again on Thursday to see if he's finally in zone where he's getting enough fluid in his system to help his kidneys without hurting his heart.

I stayed up until 4 last night, watching The Godfather (Coppola Restoration, stunning) on my iPad in the chair next to him. Whenever I'd reach down to pet him, he'd purr. Hang in there Bertie.

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  1. It's the eclair cure, no doubt. Yay for Snalbert! You don't know embarassment until you've driven a car load of collies and a French Alpine wether (that's a neutered goat with upright, collie-length ears and all ATTITUDE) to the vet and have heads - and horns - sticking out every window. I felt like Granny atop the truck in the rocker on the way to the Big City with the Cee ment pond. Think goat yelling/bleating instead of caterwauling - and at about a 10x louder noise level, too. No need for car horns at. all.


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