Friday, July 6, 2012

Bertie at Home

Bertie came home last night. He is mostly keeping to himself and sleeping. I can tell things aren't right with him because he's sleeping on the floor in my husband's office; he'd normally pick a cooler, more comfortable spot closer to the action.

We're still giving him a diuretic so it may be another day before he feels its full effects. If it works. The vet took him off of all blood-pressure medications so he may not be feeling well because of that.

But he's purring again (not as loudly or furiously) and slowly walking around. He's still very patient as we syringe-feed him and give him fluids. We are giving him half as much fluid now. This morning, he sat expectably afterward, wondering why it happened so fast. 

He's definitely a bit better than he was.  That's something.

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