Monday, July 9, 2012

Bertie Update

Mr. Bertie is resting quietly in his new favorite spot most of the time, waking up and purring when I come over to pet him. I haven't mastered syringe-feeding. Food gets splattered everywhere because I still can't figure out when I'm doing it right. But if feeding him continues, I'll get better. And he's very accommodating to both food and fluids; its the pills that are tougher.

My vet is off today but I'll to call her tomorrow to see if I should bring him in. The vet working today told me that she may want to evaluate whether the current treatment plan is helping him enough. I'd rather not have to take him in... he's very weak and he has a heart condition now, so I'd rather not stress him. And, of course, I'm also wondering if we might decide that it's better to end his life before his illness gets even worse.

On the other hand, I found him in sitting the bathtub again this morning. It's a deep tub, and so he's stronger than he looks.

I really have no idea what might happen tomorrow. I'll try not to worry about it until tomorrow. I'll keep you posted.

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