Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Night Sunset

Water views are comforting. We forget all about about walking along the Charles for months and months, especially in winter. (If we had a dog, I suppose it would be different.) Then we rediscover the Esplanade, and feel so lucky that it's just a couple of blocks from our apartment. We walked along the river on four evenings this week. We like to head home via Panificio on Charles, where we split one of their excellent eclairs. They're as nice to us as if we'd ordered an expensive dinner.

Tonight we saw a spectacular sunset:

If we went out together and left our windows open, Bertie would sit in one and start yelling his head off as soon as he saw us coming back up the street. We miss that. We're finding more things to miss about him every day. I miss nursing him. I imagine him trying to eat his sympathy bouquet; he would have loved it. We miss Snicky, too, but she had been quiet and withdrawn for a long time before she died. Bertie seemed like his usual self until a couple of weeks ago, and he had an oversized personality for the old guy he was. I miss him waking me up at night: he figured out how to rattle our closet door so it sounded like thunder, making us jump out of our skins. I'd love to hear that one more time.

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