Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Little Good News

Bertie and I took an air-conditioned taxi to the vet today and he enjoyed it so much that he howled louder than I've heard for some time. Nothing can shock a Boston cab driver, it seems, but I tried and failed to shush him all the same.

At the vet, we both sit around waiting for test results. I bring a book; they put him in a cage in the back because they figured out that it amuses him to watch other cats having painful medical procedures. Snicky loved to watch that, too. I hope it's not only my cats who are sadistic.

The good news: Bertie's creatinine level is back to where it was before he developed fluid overload and breathing trouble last week. (Gee, was it only a week ago? Feels like forever.) This means we're succeeding in getting him stabilized with just the right amounts of fluids and diuretics. At least for now. The next time he gets fluid overload, that's it, I guess. I didn't ask the question like that, but the vet was hinting pretty strongly about it.

I wish this improvement translated into a little more activity from old Fluff Daddy. He's far from being his old computer-hacking, carb-snatching, companionable self. He spends about 23 hours a day lying around in his new spot on the floor. During the other hour, he wobbles to the litter box on weak legs, or gets his food and medicine from me, or hangs out in the bathtub. I have yet to figure out the appeal of the tub. It's not cool, it's hot, and it's not wet. It's just a bath tub. But Bertie was always weird.

The other good news is that we theoretically don't have to show up at the vet again until Wednesday. She doesn't think there will be a crisis in the meantime. Fingers remain crossed.

In other news, the latest concept in Possum's ever-evolving money-making scheme is Baron von Possum's New Improved All-Organic (Green!) Norwegian Fish Sausages. I have plenty of my own work to do, so I am staying out of this, but he asked me to put it out there in case anyone wants to beat a path to his door to get some. He doesn't have any, of course. But that won't stop him from taking your cash.

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