Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mouse Patrol

Possum was playing with what seemed to be an unusually lively toy when we came home from our walk last night. I thought it was a scary-big bug at first — which, of course, he would never eat, despite always feeling peckish. But then we saw that he was chasing a very cute, very small brown mouse. It was our first mouse in ten years, and Possum's first-ever mouse. (Wendy was nowhere to be found.)

He gave up on it quickly after it hid under a chair, and started batting some of his toy mice around. I figure his parents were pacifists. (I'm okay with that, as long as bugs are excluded.) We caught the little guy under a colander and released him in a neighboring garden. Some photos:

We trapped a couple of other toys while we were at it.
The live mouse is in front.

Possum inspects during break from playing with catnip mouse.

Mouse with mice.

Mouse before being released outside. 
It was adorable, no bigger than my little finger.

Fierce, wily hunter.

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