Monday, July 2, 2012

Postcard from Pennsylvania: Herbert's

We seldom venture to the West Side of Bethlehem when we visit, so we were surprised to find Herbert's, a real, live typewriter shop, on West Broad Street:

This description from the Bethlehem Patch says it all:
Since 1928, Herbert's Typewriters in Bethlehem has been offering hometown, friendly typewriter and electronic office supply products and repair services at an honest price. Herbert's Typewriters offers a warm, welcoming selection of vintage and new age typewriters and electronic calculators as well as typewriters that date back an entire century. Make your visit to Herbert's and you might even get a history lesson or two from Mr. Burrell on typewriters.
And if that's not enough to make us go back, there's a cheese-steak and hoagie shop next door.


  1. What's the difference between a cheese steak and a steak hoagie? A hoagie is a sub or a grinder, isn't it?

    I'd be loving both of those shops. Did you try out all of the typewriters and clackulators? Did they have any of the neato-keen button type adding machines? The ones that make the shuh-shunk sound when you pull the total level? Or old style grocery cash registers with the push buttons for various prices?

    I hope your visit has been wonderful!

  2. Alas, we took that photo yesterday, when it was closed and we were dashing from one set of relatives to another.... Next time.


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