Saturday, July 21, 2012

Socializing & Shopping

I know it's old-hat now, but I continue to enjoy Facebook as an easy way to keep in touch with people I like, who would otherwise disappear out of my life for months or years at a time. I'm one of those people who hates to pick up the phone, and there's only much email I can handle. So, instead of just exchanging Christmas cards, I spend a few minutes a day keeping in touch and reading about the thoughts and experiences of a small group of friends all over the world. I don't do any networking on Facebook and the vast majority of my friends are only interested in casual socializing, rather than shameless self-promotion, too. So I have an online "village" offering chit-chat, news, and moral support to keep me feeling connected and amused. I'm lucky that my friends tend to be witty and interesting.

I also like Facebook for mercenary reasons — special, "private" deals and other news from favorite retailers, including Garnet Hill, Cuddledown, KitchenWares, and Anthropologie. For example, Cuddledown tells me they're having a big "yard  sale" in Freeport this weekend. If we were heading to Maine, I'd drop by. I'd rather learn this via Facebook than through weekly or daily marketing emails; I avoid those like the phone.

Garnet Hill is still having their clearance sale, and Facebook pals get free shipping on everything through the weekend. I don't "need" anything from them right now, but it's fun to be tempted.... Their featherbeds are on sale. I tried a featherbed for the first time last month in Pennsylvania and, truly, I'll never be the same again. And my favorite three-season skirt is on sale for $29, so I might go for one in another color. They also have many of their best tees marked down to $20 or less.

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