Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wendy Keeps Busy; I Don't

I won't say how often I usually vacuum, but I will say [boast, brag] that I vacuumed recently on a Friday, and then a week later, on a Saturday.

There are reasons why I avoid vacuuming, despite living with four, three, two longhaired tumbleweed factories and a man:

1. Vacuuming is horrible, as are all forms of housekeeping that don't involve arranging flowers or making pretty displays of objects on surfaces.

2. I burned out on vacuuming when Wendy arrived as a kitten with ringworm in 2009. For weeks, I vacuumed every day. And not only did I vacuum floors, I vacuumed walls, ceilings, windows, doors, glass-covered works of art, upholstered furniture, and the undersides of the box spring and the living room furniture. I filled my lifetime quota of vacuuming. I still recoil at the sight of my Miele, even though it's a decent machine and its HEPA filtration system literally saved our skins, sucking up the ringworm spores so well that no humans or Persians contracted ringworm. Only Possum's little nose took the bait.

3. Wendy's toys. Before commencing the nasty business of vacuuming, I had the equally disgusting chore of crawling around on my hands and knees with a flashlight and a long wooden spoon, and fishing Wendy's toys out from under bookcases, radiators, and dressers, where she apparently enjoys losing them. Everything goes into the cats' overflowing toy basket on the floor, where they help themselves to whatever they want.

I recently realized that I could gather Wendy's toys using my Miele's handy-dandy crevice tool, which I use to clean those areas anyway. It's designed so that small items don't get sucked into it, they stay on the tip. So I keep off my knees now, and amuse myself by guessing which toys Wendy hid where. She tends to lose them by color: all her green sparkly balls under the radiator, while the pink ones are under the bookcase. Here's my latest haul of toys that Wendy lost in about a week:

27 toys, mostly Wendy's, and mostly found under the furniture.

As you can see, Wendy is an extremely playful cat, or she's obsessive-compulsive, or she's a Type A worker bee when it comes to her toy deployment. I only know she's driven to lose ridiculous quantities of them for benign or neurotic reasons we'll probably never understand. There are many things about Wendy that we have yet to figure out. But we love a mystery, and we love Wendy.

I do know that having one less reason to hate vacuuming still isn't motivating me to do it as often as I should.

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