Tuesday, August 7, 2012

10 Things I Love Right Now

1. The eclairs at Panificio. They are not like a Parisian eclair, but they are big enough to split, with a thick stripe of chocolate frosting on top, and that's fine with me.

2. Mary Cantwell's memoirs of New York in the '50s, '60s, and '70s. I just finished Manhattan When I Was Young and Speaking with Strangers. Now I think I'll reread American Girl: Scenes from a Small-Town Childhood, set in Bristol, Rhode Island.

3. The little red plums at the farmer's market. Leave them around and they'll turn into purple plums, exploding with sweetness if you pop a whole one in your mouth.

4. Not watching the Olympics. I often get addicted to the winter Olympics, but I could never get interested in the summer games. There's nothing better to do in February than watch people careen down mountains. But since I was a teenager, watching athletes competing like crazy while I'm lounging in front of a TV in perfectly good weather has always made me feel lazy, fat, old, klutzy, and guilty. We've been spending our nights reading, writing, and walking along the Charles. It's been grand.

5. Fall clothing, starting to appear in stores, catalogs, and online. Sweaters, blazers, corduroys, boots... I can't wait. I have my eye on these Børn oxfords with velvet ribbons, which should be a good option for that awkward season between flip flop and boot temperatures, with a comfortably stretchy pair of skinny jeans.

6. Needlework. I'm still wasting huge amounts of time every day on Pinterest, where I "follow" a group of people who have interesting, short-lived visual obsessions, as I do. One of them is a witch, many are designers, and one woman gathers amazing images of vintage and contemporary needlework, including ribbonwork, a technique I've always admired when I stumbled across it. Now I see new examples almost daily.

Antique ribbonwork

7. Sargent watercolors. Lots of people on Pinterest are interested in art. I make new discoveries all the time and revisit old favorites. While I'm fairly familiar with Sargent's portraits at the MFA, I'd forgotten how much I love his intimate watercolor scenes, especially of Venice and domestic interiors.

A Hotel Room, John Singer Sargent

8. Antique clothing, vintage and contemporary couture gowns, and period costumes. More Pinterest obsessions, we take turns exploring and sharing the costume collections of museums around the world. I haven't had this much fun since I played with Barbies.

Late 18th-century dress from the Nordiska Museet.
9. Extra toes. I feel it's time we had a polydactyl (or two); my parents had a cat with 24 toes and he was a truly magnificent being. Here are two prospects; however, it's a little too soon to be thinking about this, and my husband is going to need persuading. He thinks the extra toes are weird; I think they're marvelous (I'll win this argument eventually, I'm pretty sure):

10. Knowing that we're going to Maine for a nice long visit next week. It's better than Christmas!

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  1. Giving you moral support on fall clothes - can't wait either.

    And, the more toes the better!

    Have fun in Maine.


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