Friday, August 17, 2012

Back of a Postcard from Southwest Harbor

We're having a great time in Maine. We're having such a great time that we're not taking many photos. So consider this the back of a postcard. I hope to have some interesting photos later.

Today was a three-swimsuit day: one of those gloriously lazy ones where we hang around the pool and hot tub from morning to night, leaving only for meals. We were reading in the hot tub this morning as people went off to bike up mountains, and kayak, and hike trails. We were reading in the same spot when they returned before dinner, dusty and thirsty.

We've already met a lot of interesting, friendly couples who are guests at the inn; hot tubs and porch rockers are conducive to long conversations about everything from where to eat and hike on the island to books, work, and cats. We've also been catching up on the usual (but always juicy) small-town gossip from our local friends. Everybody knows everybody in this town, and everybody's business....

Last night at dinner, we ran into a couple from Boston that we know, and later on, we ran into our eye doctor and her family. It's a very small world. And I've spent more time chit-chatting in the last 48 hours up here than I usually do in a week.

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