Saturday, August 25, 2012

How We Spent Our Vacation

Yes, Mount Desert Island is the home of Acadia National Park — it's all about that ocean and those lakes, ponds, mountains, hiking trails, and gentle carriage roads. 

Yes, people go there to camp, hike, climb, bike, sail, kayak, canoe, fish, ride horses, swim in the sea and the lakes, go whale-watching, and visit museums and education centers.

We rarely do any of that. We do this:

We hang around our inn's pool and hot tub, reading damp New Yorkers and computer magazines, and wishing we had a backyard just like it. Why get all sweaty? It's a vacation. On this visit, we walked a bit on just one carriage road to work off a lunch of popovers, butter, and jam at the Jordan Pond House (the only Acadia tradition we never skip). We also drove around the park a couple of times, enjoying the views and our air conditioning (and wondering where all the deer were hiding).

At least we saw it!

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