Monday, August 20, 2012

Meet Our Two New Cats

Years ago, I saw a huge balsam pillow in the shape of a charming, old-fashioned cat in one of the shops in Bar Harbor. It seemed expensive so, although I thought it was fabulous, I didn't buy it. Then I changed my mind, went back to get it, and it was gone. I've been hunting for another one ever since, in stores and online. It hasn't exactly been an obsession, but I do look around in the Bar Harbor shops whenever we're up there.

Yesterday, we went into a crafts shop in Stonington, the pretty harbor town on Deer Isle, and behold:

As soon as I spotted them, I picked them up and carried them around as we toured the shop. The store had only those two, and we couldn't decide which one to choose. Then an older man in a Rotary Club hat arrived and quickly talked us into buying both. "They'll be company for each other, and two won't be much more trouble to feed and clean up after than one," he said.

They're as big as real cats, and although they aren't quite as fascinating as live ones, they smell just like the Maine woods. 


  1. As long as the more lively cats in your house don't unstuff them, there should be little need for vet visits - although it would be pretty funny to bring one into the vet for a check-up, keeping a very straight face for as long as possible. And, they can travel with you wherever you go! Love Deer Isle & Stonington - been there many times, incl. honeymoon more yrs ago than I care to mention.

  2. they made me smile...and years ago I had a balsam cat, too...

  3. OH they are quite lovely. You made a wise decision.

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan


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