Tuesday, September 18, 2012

NABB Street Sale

The Neighborhood Association of the Back Bay held its annual Street Sale on the Dartmouth Street mall last Saturday. I found out just in the nick of time; we'd visited my family the weekend before and missed the last Brimfield Antiques Fair of the year, and I was in the mood to browse.

I got there after the early-morning downpour ended and the weather turned bright and cool. The aisles were hopping and there was plenty of stuff, but nothing we wanted. It's fun to get answers that eternal question: what are our neighbors hiding in their closets? Here are a few answers, along with some photos.

Creepy dolls. (There are always Buddha statues at these sales, too.)

Glassware and china formerly owned by parents or grandparents.

Crystals from defunct chandeliers and Depression glass.

Loads and loads of rhinestone pins and dangly earrings.

Old handbags, sequined fruit, oriental runners, ashtrays, clocks, 
paperweights, tennis racquets, lamps, framed prints, and baskets.

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  1. I bought a bracelet for $20 at the NABB sale--costume jewelry for sure, but much cooler than anything I'd find at cheap chain stores these days...



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