Saturday, September 1, 2012

Possum's Wish List Lengthens

I foolishly showed Possum this vintage "woodie" Vespa on Pinterest, and now it's all he talks about. He wants me to get one and put him and Wendy in the back, so we can tear around Back Bay together, making all the dogs jealous.

This is a Vespa Ape Calessino from the 1950s, according 
to one of my favorite blogs, A Cup of Jo.

He still wants a bicycle rickshaw, too, because he says I need the exercise. (And because of those tempting streamers on the handlebars, I suspect.)

Well, he needs exercise as much as I do. We weighed him today, when he finally agreed to sit still on the scale, and we read 17.8 pounds. No wonder he makes such a strong impression (aka dents) as he walks around on me as I'm sleeping in the mornings. My efforts to monitor his diet have only succeeded in keeping his weight steady, whereas I'd been hoping he'd drop a pound or two. We'll have to work on that with a change to lower-calorie food. And if that doesn't work, he's going to have to start joining me, on a leash, for my daily 10,000 steps.

That won't go over well at all.

Dreaming of his future Vespa excursions.


  1. I'm already jealous. Your grace, you have so much lovely fur. I'm still growing mine.

    Might it be possible for another royal to join you in your rides? Would your chauffeur object to three passengers?

    Duchess Poppy Whitehead

  2. YAY, a local blogger who actually keeps their blog updated! :) I've been blogging for years, but it seems to have become passe; I'm really happy to find a local blog to read.

    Interestingly enough, while I was reading your "Allston Christmas" post, you mentioned the Hill. I own a business there, and you are so right, "moving day" (or rather, "moving week") leads to all sorts of not so treasurable treasures! ;)


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