Friday, September 28, 2012

Rx: Cats

I've been sneezing and sniffling for two days. My nose itches. Allergies. I'm sensitive to tree pollen, cockroaches, ragweed, and cats. It's been rainy, so there's not much pollen around. We don't have roaches; all the other bugs must have eaten them. So it must be cats. The weather website confirms that dust and dander levels have been "Extremely High" lately.

I've been "allergic" to cats for ages, but I usually have no symptoms. I can spend hours in a cat shelter and feel fine. According to my allergist, the monthly shots I had for more than 15 years were helpful, but I really desensitized myself by living with multiple cats. If I were to spend several months away from them, she said, I'd develop major symptoms when I came home.

So it seems that having only two cats (since we lost Snalbert and Snictoria) is affecting my sinus passages. There's only one remedy: more cats. And they should be fluffy-tailed longhairs, to add as much dander and fur to the air in here as possible. Cats are the best medicine for me.

The search begins in earnest after we return from Maine next month. Possum wants an accomplice, preferably another native Norwegian speaker. Wendy seems lonely, too. We're on the fence about getting one kitten or two, since we're not sure how playful Wendy and Possum will be with a newcomer. They like toys and chasing each other around, but a kitten may need a fellow kitten to blossom.

Here are some prospects I've turned up in my searches on over the past few weeks. I foolishly look at kittens that are listed all over the country, so almost all of these are too far away to adopt, although that didn't stop me from falling in love. Longhaired kittens are uncommon in New England shelters and rescues, but there are lots of them in Michigan, for some reason. When we find the right kitten(s) for us, I think we'll know it right away. But all kittens are amazing:

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  1. The fourth kitten really is a Possum look-alike!



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