Monday, September 17, 2012

Science Project Complete

Well, that's over, and I'm glad. The good news is that I'm fine. The bad news is that the colonoscopy team at my hospital doesn't give Demerol nowadays because it made too many people sick afterward. I entreated and implored, but they insisted upon a more boring form of sedation. It put me to sleep, but I have vague memories of saying "Ouch!" many times. I recall vague pains that came and went, and nothing else.

When I awoke I was spacey (more than usual, that is), and there were no technicolor "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" effects like last time. I ate crackers, dressed, and went home.

Possum kept me company in bed during the day, before my appointment. He began his role as furry hot water bottle early in the morning. I hadn't slept well and was finally dozing, too tired to pet him. So he bit my ring finger! It was not a gentle nip but a firm bite. I yelled in surprise, and gave him a brief lecture, but he did not apologize. He's growing spoiled, and I wonder whose fault that is. But, later, he sprawled across me as I read, purring and gazing at me with dreamy eyes before he fell asleep. He was warm and comforting, the best companion with sharp incisors I could ask for.

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