Saturday, September 15, 2012

Tested and Approved

Possum tried out our new Filigree Quilt from Garnet Hill and says its warm ivory color and medallion stitching set off his tawny-tiger-and-white coat to perfection. Yes, it does.

Possum likes a handsome background.

I bought one of these quilts in red last January, and was impressed with the quality. I had waited for one of Garnet Hill's 25%-off flash sales on Facebook, so it was a steal, since it was half-price to begin with. With Garnet Hill, patience pays off, as does eternal vigilance for those flash sales.

When I received a Garnet Hill gift card on my birthday, I planned to use it for a second quilt, in white or maybe ivory. And then I found that Garnet Hill had brilliantly chosen to have another Facebook 2-hour flash sale (25% off everything and free shipping) on my birthday. And then I saw that there was a special half-price promotion on the quilt, too.

I have never surrendered a gift card with such speed.

Pretty in every color.

I can't resist a bedding bargain, especially with free shipping, so I bought both colors, thinking we'd like one much better than the other. Nope: they are both beautiful and different enough, so we're keeping both. They are warm, machine-washable, and reversible. And, despite all that intricate stitching, they are half the price (or less) of a basic, thin matellassé coverlet. All three quilts together cost me just a little more than one does now at full price.

Thank you, husband (gift card!), Garnet Hill, and Facebook. We're going to be warm this winter. I can't wait.

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