Wednesday, September 5, 2012

That Man

Yanking open a closet door across your bare toes (or anyone else's) is not something I recommend. I should mention that I already had a painful toe, so running over it with a door was completely unnecessary. I don't think I broke anything but I'm probably going to have some black toenails shortly even though my current polish color is Essie's Beach Bum Blue.

On top of that, I have shin splints from merely walking up and down some hills the other day. And I have a sore hip for no reason I can figure out; I never had a sore hip before, so it's taking some getting used to. These days, I'm kind of a wreck; I suppose it's hormone-related or because I'm out of shape for the first time in years. Or maybe I've got some horrible disease I've never heard of.

But I have to tell you that, painful as so many of my muscles, joints, and toes are (and did I mention my neck?)... as I listened to Bill Clinton's speech tonight at the DNC, and looked at those faces in the audience, I didn't feel a thing.

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