Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Tree Grows in Boston

Or maybe it's more of a shrubbery. It's up too high to get a good look:

Look to the left of the rose window for a little patch of green.
This is the Church of the Covenant, at Newbury and Berkeley Streets.

Talk about persistence.

Many years ago, Eleanor Sayre, a curator at the Museum of Fine Arts, gave us some advice after a brutal round of layoffs. "Be a weed," she said. She meant: do whatever it takes to survive in a place where your work and your dreams aren't valued. Put down roots where you know you belong, even if you aren't supported. Learn to manage with very little nurturing or resources. Keep growing. Be tough. Bloom. She followed her own example, working for years after her retirement, doing her own projects in an office where she wasn't entirely welcome. She followed her dream. And she gave good advice.

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