Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Good Things Lately

1. Honeycrisp apples in chunks in a bowl, drizzled with a big spoonful of Trader Joe's Fleur de Sel Caramel Sauce.

2. Hue Skinny Jeanz [sp] Denim Leggings. I live in these. I've tried skinny jeans in all price ranges, but nothing fits or feels as good as Hue's cotton-blend denim leggings with back pockets. At $39, the ones in "navy rinse" look as good as jeans that cost almost five times as much, especially when tall boots and a long shirt are covering most of them. They look great with long, slim tops because there's no protruding button or zipper flap, and they don't stretch out and slide down as stretchy skinny jeans often do. (I just wish the packaging did them more justice. Wearing skinny leggings with a tucked-in shirt and high-heeled pumps looks skanky.)

3. The unidentifiable band in The Pit (Harvard Square) on Saturday night, who played "Breakdown," "Eight Days a Week," "Taxman," and "Keep on Rockin' in the Free World" with skill and zeal, handing out Elizabeth Warren bumper stickers between songs.

4. Petfinder.com for kitten hunting, although I confess I'm getting obsessed and overwhelmed by the hundreds of available prospects at any given hour. The plan is to choose a longhaired kitten (or kittens) who'll be a friendly companion to Wendy and Possum and who might need a little extra support in some way, being feral or "special needs." But since I have no idea how the cats will take to any kitten, I keep panicking and retreating, not wanting to upset the status quo, which is very peaceful. (Or rather dull, to be honest.) But, as one shelter volunteer told us, "A kitten is a blind date for life." I'm usually a good judge of kitten and cat personalities, but lately I've been second-guessing and over-thinking this decision, and thus we have no kitten yet. But I'm getting a grip on myself. And getting there.

A prospect. What would Wendy think of another calico?

5. The Triumph of Religion Sargent Murals in the Boston Public Library. Beautiful, intriguing, and free to view. And there's a whole website dedicated to them, including photos and descriptions of their conservation about 10 years ago.

Not a great photo; see it in person.

6. Wright's Silver Cream. I just polished all of my silver display pieces, and it was fun. It didn't feel like work to get them all shiny. I wore gloves for a change, and my skin didn't notice a thing.
7.  The Patriots winning, even by a squeak. If they lose, my husband frets for days. They are unusually nerve-wracking this season... when they aren't appalling. I wish someone would explain to me again why professional sports are so swell.

8.  Forever stamps. I never know how much first-class postage is, and it seems to go up every other day. Forever stamps are ideal for the clueless, like me, who otherwise just keep loading on 32-,  5-, 2- and 1-cent stamps until we're out of room.

9.  The pumpkin ravioli in brown-butter-sage sauce from Al Dente on Salem Street in the North End. A heavenly main course and dessert in one. This is an old-fashioned family restaurant lacking in decor. It is crowded, noisy, inexpensive, and immune to every hipster trend, so it won't appeal to superficial foodie types. But the food is delicious, the staff is charming, and that's what really matters.

10.  Upstairs, Downstairs on PBS on Sunday nights. I admit I have trouble hearing some of the dialogue, the characters are unbelievably prescient and politically correct, and the plot leaps ahead without warning (two babies? when we last looked, the first one was in the middle of being born, and now it has a pony). I'm beginning to wonder if they might decide to skip over World War II once they actually get there. But it's worth watching each episode just to see Ed Stoppard frowning above his expertly tailored suits and overcoats, and for the occasional glimpse of Jean Marsh's Rose, the only survivor from the original series. It's the pre-game warm-up for Downton Abbey, returning in January.


  1. how can you stand the wait til Downton? i'd rather raid online streaming sites every sunday night than find out secondhand about ... you know, stuff.

    ps. the new kitteh is adorbs!

  2. Fun! Rockin in the Free World! I'm seeing Neil Young at the end of the month...one of my young co-workers said 'I thought he was dead'...hahameow!


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