Sunday, October 28, 2012

Introducing... What's His Name

It's been a long, exciting day, but I couldn't close up shop without posting a photo of our amazing new kitten, currently called Charley. He was charming throughout the four-hour drive home from Connecticut, and he is already the most affectionate cat I've ever seen, nuzzling our cheeks and giving kisses. He's already a lap cat, and most kittens need to grow into that, if it happens at all.

While he is a Norwegian Forest Cat mix, like Possum, and there's a slight resemblance, he is going to be an original. For a baby, he's already got loads of character. He's extremely sweet-tempered and gentlemanly even when playing like a maniac. His back feet are huge and his front legs are as sturdy as little tree trunks, so I suspect he is going to be enormous someday. 

He's sequestered in our little office room, where he can settle in while giving Wendy and Possum time to adjust. He'll be in there at least a week, just in case he comes down with a virus from the stress of relocating, and that way we hope to prevent it from spreading to the other two. He's been patient about it so far, and we spend as much time in there as we dare, without neglecting Wendy and Possum.

Possum is well aware of Charley, and observed his little white paw sticking out from under the door with scientific interest. He's not at all perturbed by the little guy so far. I wish I could say the same for Wendy. She refused to come out from under the bed when we came home; she skipped dinner, and finally appeared about an hour ago — to hiss and growl at Possum. He slowly relaxed into his languid, lounging pose and crossed his paws expectantly, making himself comfortable for Wendy's one-woman show. Neither of us had heard her hiss or growl since the day after Possy arrived three years ago, so we got a little misty-eyed for old times. 

Wendy is a calico; she has a ladylike, reserved nature most of the time but, being calico she also has the potential for tricolor melodrama. But I hope that talking gently to her and giving her attention and affection on her terms will bring her around.

More later. Right now, I need to hang out with our kitten and try to get some sleep before Hurricane Sandy wakes us all up.

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  1. Congratulations on your new addition!!! he is a bundle of adorable!! :)

    I must admit, I peeked at your archive list, I can't wait to go through your Maine posts - being from Maine myself.

    (also, do you know you have word verification on your comments?)


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