Sunday, October 14, 2012

Last Postcards from Maine: Sunsets

No trip to Southwest Harbor would be complete without catching a sunset on the water. The days are getting shorter and, as usual, sunset crept up on me as I was reading old New Yorkers in the big stone hot tub, which seats eight and is kept between 102 and 104 degrees, so steam rises and dampens my pages in cool weather.

The first clue is when the light, and the slate around the pool, turn pale pink.

I wrap a towel around my waist and dash to our bungalow for flip flops and a camera. It's cold, but residual warmth from the hot tub keeps me comfortable for a few minutes, until I'm in the parking lot by the dock. Then it's cold, and I'm cold, and everyone else is wearing fleece and jeans, and I envy them. In warmer weather, I suppose they might envy me, since our inn has the only swimming pool and hot tub in town. But in October, they get even.

I snap photos quickly and run around on the dock to keep warm. At least there are no mosquitoes at this time of year.

My obligatory dinghy picture is below, taken from the ramp to the landing. I was surprised to see so many boats in October. They must mostly belong to year-rounders; some belong to Cranberry Islanders and others stopping in Southwest Harbor for dinner at Red Sky, Sips, Fiddler's Green, or one of the other good restaurants that are an easy walk from the dock.

I was glad to see one pinkish sunset during our trip; the weather was often foggy and rainy, especially in the evening.

On Monday, our last night, I caught the last moments of a golden sunset:

After all that freezing and snapping, I'm desperate to leap back into the hot tub to poach myself again. Then I rinse off in the outdoor shower, which suddenly turns scalding if I linger. Then I grab a dry towel and race to our bungalow to change into my own fleece and jeans for dinner. 

As I think about the next night I'll be able to do that, June seems a million years away.

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