Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Maine Car Candy: Ferrari 575M Maranello

We're back from Maine, and I'm able to write posts longer than a haiku, although I'm not sure if that's a good thing....

A car collector lives down the road from our inn. This fellow often parks something entertaining in front of his house, which we admire on our walks back and forth to town.

This past weekend, it was this Ferrari 575M Maranello (2002–2006):

It's an understated, elegant design to begin with, but it's especially stunning in this champagne color, rather than the typical bright red or black. I particularly like the way it matches the shingles and shutters on the house and even blends in with the granite paving stones that stand in for a driveway.

(Note to self: if I ever get a car, it should complement the color of my house, if I ever get one of those. After all, a style-conscious equestrian tries to match her horse to her hair color. If I ever get horse, it's supposed to be a chestnut.)

On that cool, foggy Maine day, it was pure poetry — the ideal car in the ideal location. And I love the fact that those rust-colored leaves gathering on the hood didn't send its owner racing off to store it in his off-site garage.

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