Monday, October 1, 2012

October This and That

Happy October! This is one of my favorite months, mainly for the turning leaves, the return of sweater weather and warm radiators, and the pumpkins and dried corn at farmstands. Not to forget the pumpkin cupcakes, cider, and cider donuts. I hope there will be apple-picking and trips to Wilson Farm on our calendar, and then on this blog. (Halloween candy doesn't make my list because I look forward to it on November 1st, at half price, since we never get trick-or-treaters on our block.)

This month will be interesting for me because I have some new script-writing projects coming up, ranging from 18th-century period rooms to Michelangelo drawings to important French paintings. As usual, I have lots to learn.

Possum is looking forward to this; he loves the 18th century, although he can't grasp the idea that it isn't happening now, along with the 19th century and every other century. Cats don't live very long* so they have a "compressed" sense of history. Possum, for example, believes that every historical event is, or should be, happening during his lifetime, more or less — because what's the point of anyone doing anything if he's not around to enjoy it and comment? Possum will tell you that the Revolutionary War is a great idea and he would gladly volunteer my husband and me to help massacre the British except that we lack both muskets and courage. He fantasizes about meeting General Washington the next time he's in town. Possum was very impressed with George after watching that PBS John Adams miniseries a couple of years ago. He considers him a consummate gentleman and strives to emulate him.

But enough about Possum... except to say that I hope we will adopt a small, furry companion (or accomplice, or personal assistant) for him and Wendy this month, too.

We couldn't adopt this little guy, who is in a foster home in Ohio, but we wished we could:

His name is Hairy Potter and his curious, alert expression reminds me of Snalbert. His little paws seem to be itching for an Apple keyboard.

My husband has a few days off around Columbus Day, so we decided to take a trip. We thought about London, or Paris, or Venice, but decided that a) flying is expensive and a total pain, and b) New England is the nicest place to be in October. So we are happily heading back to the inn in Maine for another spell of reading in the hot tub and refreshing dips in the (hopefully heated) pool. It's finally good hiking weather, so we'll try to get some actual time on the Acadia trails this time, too.

After we return, the kitten-prospecting will get serious.

In other news, Verizon is celebrating October with no email service for users all across the country. I can't send or get email on my laptop, my phone, or online, and I am hardly alone. However, they have not announced it and are not posting updates; the wait for support stretches well beyond an hour and kept getting longer as I waited! Let's hope that Verizon Support Services isn't just collectively hiding under a rock somewhere and pretending none of this is happening. I'm seeing posts from frustrated Verizon users on online forums, and that's all. At least we still have Internet and phone service, knock wood.

I hope your October is full of the pleasures of autumn, warm cat fur, and functioning technology, wherever you are.

* But cats' lifespans have lengthened considerably in recent years, thanks to improved nutrition, medical advances, and more cats living indoors.

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