Monday, October 29, 2012

Post Sandy

After watching a few minutes of dire predictions on TV this morning, we turned it off. Que sera sera. As it turns out, Hurricane Sandy didn't have much impact on us. I've heard some trees are down in Back Bay. We were expecting hours of howling winds, but we barely heard them, and the rain was only heavy for an hour or so. It seemed like an ordinary storm. We are extremely fortunate not to be among the hundreds of thousands without power in the state, including other Boston neighborhoods. I dread seeing tomorrow's news reports of destruction along the coast and further south of us.

I went out this morning in a strong breeze and drizzle to get a litter scoop for the kitten's room. (It cost $1.05, unlike the ordinary-looking plastic one I bought in a Newbury Street boutique for $15.99, as I discovered to my horror at home. It goes back tomorrow.) The neighborhood was quiet, the supermarket was empty of customers but well-stocked, and most pedestrians were either carrying a grocery bag or walking a dog. I was surprised to see stores getting ready to open, including Sephora. Did they decide it was essential to stay open in case of cosmetic emergencies? 

I spent the day doing things I wouldn't be able to do if we lost power: laundry, baking, hunting for my flashlight, which I hadn't seen since the March blackout. We spent time hanging out with our kitten, who is in isolation in our little office. He is absolutely perfect, or he will be after we trim his tiny claws. He's doing a number on the armchair in his room, just from climbing up to visit with us, and he doesn't care for the silly cardboard scratching pad we taped to the side of a filing cabinet. We don't blame him; he needs a real scratching post, and we should have protected the chair better. He can do no wrong.

I marvel at his kitten accomplishments. After spending hours with him, I conclude that he is clever and enthusiastic in all kitten subjects. I had to teach feral Wendy how to play with toys (and purr) when she was his age. But this kitten spent his first 10 weeks in a good indoor home with his mother, so he learned about hunting and stalking. He knows how to grab a toy mouse by the neck, bite hard and shake it to finish it off, and drag it away by its tail. He's got terrific jumping, climbing, wrestling, and kicking skills. I met a female kitten a few weeks ago who didn't know how to pounce on a toy. She could leap nicely in the air, but couldn't propel herself forward to land on her target. So she just jumped in place, dozens of times, sometimes hitting her head on the chair above her. (She was hyper even by kitten standards — I was exhausted after 15 minutes with her.)

That kitten only tolerated being held and never made eye contact with us. Our kitten is another story. He's gentle, fearless, and loving with us, because he was handled frequently and gently by his foster family. He's also tidy about his food and water dishes, and his litter box. I suppose Wendy and Possum will show him the joys of splashing water out of the communal bowl and smearing food onto his paws and all other surfaces. In the meantime, we have a gentleman and a scholar.

Maybe he'll show them how to snuggle under chins and give kisses. He's spoiling us rotten. I realize that, if we adopt a companion for him soon, we should take a harder case, a less-privileged feral or stray or special-needs baby, who would benefit from patience and nurturing. But it's fabulous having a maestro.

This fuzzy snake was hunted and killed multiple times today.

This big snake is a good wrestling companion.

This kitten has it all — except a name that's worthy of him.


  1. Oh my goodness he is precious! What a lovely addition. I can't wait to follow his adventures as he joins your household.

    I can tell that he is going to require quite the name to fully embody his personality. Good luck with that quest!

  2. As you can see, by all my comments in a row...I am catching up and so enjoying the adventures of the New Tyke on the Block!


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