Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bits and Pieces

  If you're interested in abandoned buildings and other forms of architectural decay, here's an interesting site.

‡ Pottery Barn has resurrected its Faux Fur Hot Water Bottle in time for the holidays. But before you pull out your credit card, please read my post where I weigh the benefits of the bottle versus those of a cat. You could end up going to your local animal shelter instead.

Furry Hot Water Bottle

Bella, at the Animal Rescue League, who loves to cuddle.

 I don't usually get worked up about breakfast, but lately I'm crazy about multigrain toast with goat cheese and jam. We like the little multigrain pullmans from Trader Joe's (I love hearing the grains popping in the toaster). My jam du jour is the Cherry Peach Conserve we picked up on our visit to Nervous Nellie's Jams and Jellies in Deer Isle Maine in August. It's full of whole cherries and perfect for me, because I can never make up my mind between those two flavors.

‡ Garnet Hill is offering email subscribers and Facebook folks an extra 40% off sale items through November 17. This means that lots of good stuff, like cashmere sweaters, is about half-price. To click through to the offer, check out the posts on their Facebook page.

Very tall boots, a Garnet Hill bargain

‡ Crate & Barrel is already offering 20% off their holiday sweets. So if you can't wait until Santa puts those Maple Bacon Caramels under the tree for you, you can get a tin for about $12.

I don't know how I feel about bacon, caramel and chocolate together...
I'd need about a dozen to settle the question.

‡ If you live in the Boston area, you have until November 28 to order a holiday wreath made with exquisite care and skill (unless it's Yours Truly wielding the pinecones) by a member of the Garden Club of the Back Bay. Visit the Wreath Store to place an order.  

Wreath by a truly awesome Garden Club designer (NOT Yours Truly)

‡ On a less cheerful note, here's a terrifying study by a former Harvard Law School student that will convince you to take a closer look at what you're feeding your animal: "Deconstructing the Regulatory Facade: Why Confused Consumers Feed their Pets Krispy Kremes and Ring Dings. The section on rendering explains that six to seven million of the dogs and cats killed in animal shelters make their way into rendering vets annually, along with expired meat from grocery stores, complete with its styrofoam and cellophane packaging, which ends up described as "meat" and "bone meal" on food packages.

‡ I see I need to cheer you up again, so here's a photo of little Harris, who likes to chew on antique Austrian bentwood chairs:

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  1. Bella vs the water mean there may be someone out there who wouldn't pick the Beautiful, Furry, Soft, Snuggly, Muffin-makin' little white purring kitty!!! Wow. I cant imagine who could reisit that adorable face.


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