Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Bromfield Camera

An update to my Dead Camera post:

I got some sympathy at Bromfield Camera... after standing and waiting at the counter for a good 15 minutes as they took care of other, slow-moving customers. I shouldn't have gone at lunchtime. Their bookkeeper felt sorry for me and kept me company until one of the guys was free.

They've only seen this problem on one other Canon S100; my information about the lens-error defect was news to most of them. I had to pay $13 to ship the dead camera back to Canon. They said they'd look around and call me "later" to see if they could lend me a camera until mine was repaired. I never heard from them.

They remembered I had been a frequent visitor last year, when I was waiting for them to get their first S100 in the silver color I wanted. I'd wanted it for months; I even held out for weeks after my ancient Leica died and I was camera-less. They also understand — I was rather emphatic — that I no longer want the camera because I can't trust it anymore. The part that broke tends to break again, without warning. But they said I must wait until it's repaired before we can negotiate a trade or some other deal. That's fair.

I asked what was new in point-and-shoots. They showed me a Sony they said is the best small camera on the market. It was all right, but bigger and clumsier than my Canon. While it has a better sensor, it doesn't have as wide a wide-angle or as zoomy a zoom as my Canon. So there.

After I left Bromfield's, I consoled myself in front of the diamonds in E.B. Horn's window and then had my first Chilean sandwich (chicken, cheese, steamed green beans, and avocado spread) at Chacarero. It was good.

While my camera's in the shop, I can take photos with my iPhone and my husband kindly put his S100 on the mantel for me to share. (We expect it to break any minute.) I'm not exactly camera-less. But I'm cranky.

I was not cranky when our dishwasher's door broke and landed the floor the other day, after many years of regular, reliable use. I was not cranky when we blew a tire on a pothole in Cambridge last weekend. Stuff happens. But a Canon camera is supposed to last for years, not months.

I know I have at least a million things to be truly grateful for, including just about everything in my life. I hold and cherish that thought. Happy Thanksgiving!

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