Friday, November 30, 2012

Can't Win

There's nothing quite like unzipping a sweater bag that holds two cherished, heavy cashmere turtlenecks, carefully stored year after year... and having a moth fly out.

I guess I should be grateful that it was just one moth, although god knows how many eggs are in there. I found its cocoon, and the cashmere is thick enough so there didn't seem to be a full-blown hole. But dry-cleaning reveals many moth secrets, as I've learned time and again, when sweaters that had a couple of suspicious areas came home looking like Swiss cheese.

I washed the sweater that didn't have the cocoon, which seems fine. The other one is going to the dry cleaner. I might put a heavy sweater on my Christmas list (which doesn't include a bicycle rickshaw). Don't tell the moths.

In other news, we are madly in love with our two kittens, who are doing cute, photogenic things all the time. Possum is behaving wonderfully and Wendy seems to be keeping an open mind about the new guy, so far. He's still squirreled away in the office where he'll remain for about another week until we know he's healthy. And my camera has just come back from being repaired at the Canon factory so I can start snapping away.

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