Saturday, November 3, 2012

Current Craving: Hot Skwash

I saw a display of little velvet pumpkins with real stems at Blackstone's on Charles Street the other day, and they are still on my mind.

I love pumpkins and we always have a bowlful of little real ones in the fall, slowly getting moldy. These velvet ones are made by Hot Skwash and they are pricey, by my standards, but they feel so satisfyingly hefty in your hand (stuffed with rice) and come in so many good colors....

Normally, I'd be tempted to buy them online, where they are a better price and you can pick from dozens of colors and multiple sizes. But I can't do that to Jennifer and Mark, the proprietors of Blackstone's. It would be wrong. In fact, it's wrong to not  patronize their business now and again because they add so much to Beacon Hill's charm and friendly spirit. Hmm. I now see that getting a pumpkin or two from their stash is practically a civic duty. I'll just have to grit my teeth and pick out a few the next time I'm over there, doing my bit for the local economy and this fine store in particular.

(On top of that, it would be a mistake to order pumpkins online because I've always thought that most of a pumpkin's personality is in its stem, so I'd have to pick out the best ones myself.)

Maybe I'll force myself to do this important work tomorrow; at least I won't have to throw them out by Easter, and risk injuring myself again.

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  1. OMC...these are so...I don't know, Modern Victorian?! I love them but fortunately for my wallet, it's empty cuz I am buying cat couture, hahameow!


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