Thursday, November 29, 2012

Four Cats, Day 1

I'm still in shock at having a four-cat household again. It happened pretty suddenly, after all, even though I'd been looking for months. I realize that most people who want a new cat go to a shelter and pick one out a few minutes later. I think that's laudable but I'm different. I shop, I assess, I make it complicated... but I ultimately choose on intuition. And that sometimes surprises me, as it has in this case. I'm also skeptical about this little guy (I can't call him "Adirondack"): he is so affectionate, purr-ful, attractive, and comfortable with indoor life that I can't believe that some poor soul isn't desperately looking for him. I'm nervous about getting too attached to him because I can't help thinking he's somebody else's cat. Update: I did my due diligence and checked at other shelters and on every lost-pet site that I could dig up, and there were quite a few. So that's it... he's ours.

There has been some hissing, from mostly from Wendy. She is under the bed for the day, which is normal for her; she purrs when I pet her there. Possum and Harry have done some hissing, too, at the door and even at each other. I guess a new-cat smell is confusing. But at least some of the hissing seems to be pro forma. It's too soon to get worked up about it.

* * * 

In other news, I suddenly have a writing project with a deadline in late December. I'm going to try to get it wrapped up early, so I can enjoy all the usual Christmas-y things that keep me busy at this time of year, plus spending time playing and hanging out with the cats. (Man, we seem to have a lot of cats all of a sudden.)

Designing and printing our Christmas card will be delayed until we can take a photo of both kittens together, with or without Possum (almost definitely without Wendy). The new kitten can come out of quarantine early next week if he's healthy, but he can't be left unsupervised with the other cats until we're sure everyone's entirely friendly. Unfortunately, that's right when The Back Bay Garden Club has its four-day wreath-making fundraiser from 8 to 7 daily. I'm not sure how I'm going to swing both, but it will work itself out.

It sure would be nice to have a working camera....

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