Monday, November 5, 2012

Houses in Woodstock, Vermont

Woodstock has some of the most beautiful 19th-century wood, stone, and brick houses in New England:

A splendidly ornate porch with black steps, ceiling, and benches

Whitewashed brick faded to a beautiful shade of pink

This Federal-style house is next to the covered bridge.

Clapboard with fancy trim

Another of my favorite brick houses

An earlier house, simple but elegant.

Arched windows with matching shutters plus an autumn display

I first knew this house when it was painted white with green trim. 
Its colorful paint scheme completely transforms it. It was always
charming but now it's spectacular.


  1. I love the brick home that was whitewashed to a beautiful pink...I want to achieve that look on my fireplace. Any insights/advice?

    Thx, Pamela

    1. Go to a very good store and ask them if thinned-down milk paint or might work, or what else they'd recommend. I think the key is "white-wash" — I'm wondering if only some organic, old-fashioned finish would fade to that extent and might perhaps give that effect right away if applied very lightly or washed-down when wet. But I think you also need to start with the right brick color to get that lovely pink tone in the end. Best of luck!


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