Friday, November 30, 2012

Oh, no....

Possum is already hard at work on his Christmas list. At the very top is this year's Anthropologie Rickshaw; he was so disappointed not to receive last year's version. I think this model is in unbearably hideous taste, and it's even more appalling because it's $10,000. So I said this to Possum. He tried to roll his eyes in response but cats can never pull that off. So he threw me an injured look and returned to his list. I suspect he agrees with me but he is desperate to be driven around in a rickshaw, any rickshaw.

Possum doesn't know that $10,000 is a lot of cash. Cats have no concept of money, except they think it's fun to knock coins on the floor, so they assume those are much more valuable than paper currency, which can only be chewed and tastes terrible. Cats only care about food, warmth, comfort, prey, praise, and fun. (Possum has several more intellectual interests but he's unusual.)

My cats certainly wouldn't give a thought to poor me, forced to pedal all over town at the whim of three tabbies and a calico, lolling on that loud upholstered seat in driving goggles and linen dusters. I said to Possum that it would be undignified. He said, "You have to use water to give yourself a bath, so there's no hope for you anyway."

The previous model had storage inside the seat that could 
hold cans of cat food for impromptu picnics.

At least this model would frighten away most dogs, says Possum.

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