Monday, November 12, 2012

Pairs Slacking Continues

Possum can't bring himself to tell little Harry that Pairs Slacking is still for male-and-female cat couples only:

Massachusetts is proud to have been the first state to allow gay marriage; now it's time we challenged the mixed-couples rule in Cat Olympic Pairs Slacking and affiliated competitions.

And it certainly looks like we have more natural slacking talent in our household. Look at that mirroring of pose and attitude! Look at how relaxed and limp they both appear, like a pair of lead doorstops! Harry is too bright-eyed, but even the judges don't deduct points for that in a kitten. It's enthusiasm for the sport.

Harry also proved to be a talented obstructionist as I tried to change the sheets today. That took a couple of hours because he needed a nap:

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