Saturday, November 3, 2012

Today's Adorableness

Possum and the kitten made friends today. I think Possum's healthy self-esteem, positive outlook, and sweet nature are helping us tremendously now. He's not jealous of the kitten or intimidated one bit. There was even a little head-licking at one point, and we're only on Day 2. 

Meanwhile, Wendy continues to regard the kitten as a Terrorist Likely to Kill Me. She came out to eat about an hour ago, and it was a fraught affair with much growling and hissing, even at Possum. We had to shut the kitten in his room so she'd get some nourishment. I have to say that this kitten has very nice manners and isn't hyper: he doesn't pounce on or attack the cats, or bother them — well, just a bit, so they know he's real and not a robot toy. Wendy's behavior is unprovoked, and what we should have expected given her nervous, pessimistic nature. We hope love and patience will bring her around. And I'm going to try the Bach Flowers Rescue Remedy; I finally caved after reading about this stuff with skepticism for decades. I always considered it to be hoo-haa. But hoo-haa might help Wendy, as she has a degree of hoo-haa herself. (She might also respond to Aspen, Beech, Holly, Larch, Pine, Rock Rose Willow... maybe I need a full set.)

Here's a photo of Wendy's Terrorist, who explored the apartment today. Scary, huh?

The kitten heard his first aria tonight, "O Mio Babbino Caro," from Puccini's Gianni Schicci (and Merchant-Ivory's A Room with a View). He enjoyed it! Here he is, listening raptly to the whole thing:

It seems we have an Italian kitten, which should help us figure out a name. 


  1. I adore RR. I used it on my cat Eli. He was very sick as a kitten and spent the first six months of his life being medicated. He hated it and ran from us all the time for the next few years. finally I started dosing him with RR. He went from running when ever he saw us, to running only when we were walking, to running only when we were walking right at him, to being able to pat him. it took time, but I credit it completely to RR. I am also really liking the Spirit Essences as I've seen them help scared kittens.

  2. He looks very elegant for a child...must be the rich furnishings he is lounging on...


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