Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What I Had in Mind

Now that Possum and the kitten are friends, we just need to get Wendy in the picture. She's stopped hiding and growling, and eats with Possum and the kitten. I haven't heard much hissing, so we're moving right along.

The kitten (who will have a name tomorrow, when he has his first meeting with our vet) spent his first night of freedom zonked out on the bed between us as we struggled to stay up for the President's speech. We made it through Romney's concession speech, and that's all I remember. I woke up later to find the little guy stretched out along my back. He's a glorious kitten.


  1. Somehow the circle of life, when it brings to you a full-of-life kitten, makes the sadness fade...well, because a kitten's antics can just do that, can't they?!

  2. You mentioned Fenway Studios in an earlier post, how about Fenway for you know who's name :)

  3. PB - what a totally adorable pic of Possum and Mr. totally relaxed what's-his-name. With those huge feet of his, I wonder if he'll end up bigger than Possum? See what the vet thinks.

  4. Whats his name gonna be? I can't take the waiting! Hope the vet visit went well!


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