Tuesday, December 4, 2012

And His Name Is....

Toffee. For his tawny coloring and addictive sweetness.

We'll lengthen his name into something unique and highly embellished later, but at least he has his everyday name and can start learning it.

He's very bored with just our company in his little office but it looks like he'll be there for several more days since he's not as heathy as he needs to be. In the meantime, his cat family is deeply interested in The Mysterious Shadow Behind the Closed Door:

As you can see, Harris is taking a break from sticking his paw under the door. He wants a new playmate. Possum is waiting with crossed paws to welcome his newest apprentice. And Wendy looks overwhelmed. As usual, she's trying to figure out exactly how that tiny mewing thing behind the door could Cause Her to Die.


  1. Duchess Poppy Whitehead says his real name is Turkish and he is an heir to the Ottoman Empire. He could be a Sultan or Bey.

    It's a good thing you picked Toffee as his short name. Did you know he was a Turkish Toffee?

  2. I love the picture - the cat-tension is like the forth presence in the room. Hope he gets better and gets out soon for everyone's sake.

  3. You have the most exquisite taste in cats. You should hire out your services like a style consultant.


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