Saturday, December 1, 2012

December Begins

1. Waking up to snow.

2. Advent calendar. George Winston's "December" on the stereo.

3. Kittens! Cats! Harris in the window, watching snow for the first time:

4. Visitors from Europe, long-awaited.

5. Breakfast of brownies and tea with our guests.

6. A walk in the snow to see the murals at the Boston Public Library.

7. A visit to Trinity Church, glorious as ever. The visitors love our neighborhood.

8. Lunch, post-Impressionists, and the jewelry gallery at the MFA.

9. A twilight run to the vet to drop off the new kitten's parasite-test sample — so romantic in the snow.

10. More kitten and cat time. Nap.

11. Dinner at Sonsie.

12. Trees and candles twinkling in neighbors' windows.

1 comment:

  1. Harry is SO cute! I would love to have him snuggle with me. What a sweetie.


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