Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Everyone Is Helping Me...

But I'm still not getting much accomplished. Toffee carries his sparkle toy onto the sofa to play among the books. Possum absorbs knowledge by osmosis — either by lying on me as I try to hold a heavy book, or by lying on the book directly. Harris is less interested in art than the other boys, but he still likes to chew on my hair and look at the pictures.

Back to it.

Toffee discovers post-Impressionism.

Chasing toys among the books

Possum on my lap; he will soon try to curl up between me and the page.


  1. fyi PB: Robin Olson posted today a lovely piece on your Harris' littermates...the last 2 have just been adopted. There's a nice pic of Harris' mama with her newborns and other recent pics of the 2 looking very much like Harris with their sweet faces and big feet!

  2. Thanks! I've been procrastinating via Robin and her blog as much as possible! I'm SO happy that Bandit recovered from her shaking troubles last week; I was quite a wreck for awhile there because we didn't know if it might be a genetic issue... and now I'm so glad the kittens were adopted together!

  3. Oh my, now I see that your Possum looks strikingly like my Dylan! See for yourself: http://onsundriesandsunshine.blogspot.com/2012/11/en-famille.html
    I will read more of your blog tomorrow. Tonight I have freelance editing to do...

  4. Oh, yes, I saw him, m.e.w.! So handsome! I hope to see more pictures. You have the best monogram ever, by the way, and I see you've also discovered Pinterest as an ideal way to procrastinate. Now I need to go back to cutting my writing project by 50 percent....


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