Saturday, December 8, 2012

Famous Toffee

I just found out that Toffee's photo appeared in the Boston Herald a week ago Tuesday, which was the day I met him at the Animal Rescue League.

The photo accompanies a story about charitable giving, and you'll see Toffee (aka "Adirondack") if you click for the second photo. Here it is:

Photograph by Matthew Healey,  The Boston Herald, Nov. 27, 2012

I've noticed something odd about Toffee: in photos, he looks like a tiny, perfectly proportioned, adult cat rather than a kitten. He already has a fluffy coat and a full, silky tail. Whereas Harris is instantly recognizable as a kitten with his wide-eyed baby face, long legs, big feet, and oversized tail emphasizing his tiny body. Harris also doesn't have his longer adult coat with a ruff and bushy tail, which I expect will grow in the next year or so. Right now, he just has hints of it in some very long guard hairs that stick out beyond his short kitten coat.

I don't think that Toffee will look all that different when he grows up, although he'll probably develop an even longer, more luxurious coat. His eyes and expression are already those of a wise old soul, and I gaze at his face and wonder where's he's been and what he's seen.

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