Sunday, December 2, 2012

Kitten Update

We have two fantastic kittens and we can't wait until they can meet and get to know each other. We're supposed to keep the new guy (still nameless) in quarantine until Saturday, in case he comes down with a virus. (One of the vets at our hospital thinks this is unnecessary, since viruses are airborne. But I'll do anything to avoid having a four sick cats rather than one.) He does sneeze occasionally, and we're also waiting to hear the results of a parasite test.

In the meantime, Harris rules the apartment and is still deliciously small, and funny, brave, handsome, and clever. He is friendly with guests, which is important because they are skeptical when we tell them we have four cats and there are none to be seen. 

 Harry naps so he's well-rested when it's time to keep us up at night.

We keep a silver candelabrum on our dinner table and the taper candles get excited when Harry is around, and leap out of the holders and roll to the floor. I know how they feel. At the moment, Harry's chasing Possum around; Possum is so good-natured. (Wendy is under the bed, but she's not hissing or growling much these days, a very good sign.)

I posted about Harry nursing on my sweater sleeve a couple of weeks ago. It's his regular late-night habit now and we are less enchanted since he loves to nurse on our earlobes. Between his sloshy slurping and loud purring right into our ears, he reminds me of a car wash. If we cover our ears, he goes for chins, noses, and necks. Keeping his claws trimmed is vital since he kneads like crazy. We're not getting much sleep, but I figure he wouldn't be doing this with such enthusiasm and bliss if it wasn't important to him. If he needs it to be a happy kitten, we'll let him do it for a while every night. 

I had a break from him the night after I accidentally sprayed on too much perfume at Macy's. He avoided me and I got some decent sleep, so I put on lemony perfume before bed the next night because cats hate citrus. But Harry doesn't mind citrus, just Estée Lauder's Cinnabar. We can also try putting bitter-apple on our ears, faces, and necks if we become desperate. We also tried giving him a soft toy to nurse, but he had no interest.

Harry and Possum have both seen the new guy a few times, and we see an occasional paw and hear mild hisses from them when we're with him in the office. He's a wonder, going limp on his back in my husband's arm as he reads or works on his laptop, and staying like that for ages. At the vet, she had him stretched out happily on his back as she played "patty-cake" with all four feet. If you talk to him, he purrs instantly and loudly. He's a teddy bear despite his wild-cat looks.

What's his name???????

He wasn't eating well and had a few bouts of diarrhea since his arrival. I think I fixed that yesterday when I called the shelter and asked what they'd been feeding him: Science Diet kitten formula, canned and kibble. I have a low opinion of that brand but we'll use it for now, and I'll start mixing in better-quality food soon. I picked up a "kitten starter" kit with a small bag of kibble and some cans at our vet, and he's eating happily and seems better. I'm going to spend the afternoon with him reading while my husband watches the Patriots and misses him. I will try to talk him into having more expensive taste.

And I'm already teaching him some art history, which Possum approves. Harris seems more interested in science and engineering, but it's too early to know for sure.


  1. What's his name.....Cooper. He looks like a Cooper.

  2. He looks like a 'Robbie'....for Robert Burns. But then, I'm partial to Scottish names. Hmmm....maybe he's one of Harris T. McBeastie's wild country cousins!


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