Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

Toffee was wrong. Santa Paws came for all four cats and left them new toys, two feather "birds" for their favorite wand toy,"Da Bird," and dried fish flakes, oh boy. Santa was good to all of us. I didn't get any fish flakes, but I got some wonderful books, candles, fancy tea, a cashmere cardigan, and the nicest Hunter rain boots ever. My husband likes his presents, especially his new iPad case that looks like an old book. (With special thanks to Some Assembly Required for pointing me in that direction; he really knows his Stuff.)

Toffee is growling as he subdues his new toys amid the tissue paper crumpled all over the living room floor. Wendy and Possum are happy with their toys, too. Harris is lying on the windowsill, taking in the scene and watching the snowflakes outside. 

A Merry Christmas to all! 

We're off to Pennsylvania for a couple of days to celebrate with family in the Christmas City of the USA — and miss the cats.

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