Thursday, December 13, 2012

One Is a Lonely Number

Once again, I'm seeing how wonderful it is for a kitten to have a kitten companion. Wendy and Possum were my first kitten pair and converted me; I'd never thought about it, or viewed it from the cat's perspective before. But Possum's rescue organization has a rule that kittens must be adopted in pairs, or go to homes where there's already a young, active cat. And suddenly it seemed like the only way to proceed. Dual adoption is more than a kindness to these tiny animals, it's the very definition of "humane."

Possum and Harris are pals, but I learned from watching them together that adult cats will never have half the energy and the kooky interests that kittens have. Even with two youngish cats in the apartment, Harris seemed lonesome and bored when Possum was napping (and cats nap all the time). Then Toffee arrived. Now the two little guys are best friends, having fun times together. And they'll be friends for life.

Toffee and Harris keep each other entertained all day long — with interactive toy time from us, of course. And it turns out that two kittens are more than twice as cute and fun to have around as one.


  1. Personally, I LOVE the double dose of cute.


  2. Between the sweetness of little Harry's pink nose, the teeny 'stash under Toffee's nose and the innate cuteness of kittens....I'd never get any work done at your house. That's not even counting Possum & Miss Wendy!


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