Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Recent Adorableness

It's great having a camera again, and I try not to worry that it can break again at any moment. Here are a few sleepy or contemplative poses; my camera is not so fast that I can capture playtime without using flash.

The three boys all get along famously; I have finally seen Possum licking Toffee's head, and I don't think it was because Toffee manages to get canned cat food all over himself daily. I think he sneaks his head into other cats' bowls as they are eating, and they drop mouthfuls of food onto him in their surprise. I had to wipe him down again yesterday, twice. He'd also discovered the wet bathtub and got soaked. Harris is always spotless in his gray suit; he's going to be an elegant cat when he gets big.

I have no photos of Wendy here, mostly because I don't see a lot of her during the day, when the light is good for taking pictures. She comes out in the evenings and rules over the Christmas tree skirt, growling at anyone who tries to share her glory. Some Christmasy photos will follow soon.


  1. This up-close pic of Possum's clipped ear prompted me to go back through your postings 3+ years to get the details on his feral history. And Wendy's as well, as it turns out. My Holly is also a feral rescue (and a calico!) who I captured at 5 months of age so I'm always interested in others' experiences living with one.
    I'm looking forward to more installments of (holiday)adorableness!

  2. You really did find a great holiday gift for your family and your home is the perfect one to have a new pet over the holidays.

  3. Your furniture adornments (known to some as fabulous felines) are beautifully coordinated with your choice in seating. I see you planned well when you purchased the future pet beds. Well done!

    All sillyness really do have 4 beautiful kitties and some really nice looking furniture.

    Possums ear adds to his mistique. He has 'a past'! He has stories to tell the little kids! He's the COOL Uncle Possum!!


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