Saturday, December 15, 2012

Going Boldly Where Cats Have Never Gone Before

We have our first two climbing kittens. We're in for interesting times.

Doesn't Toffee look comfortable? I didn't think so, either.

There's more than one way to jump into the tree.

We couldn't believe Harris got onto that wobbly floor lamp and walked around without knocking it over. 
I removed him, but not before he discovered the mantel.

Here's Sticky Toffee, with pitch in his fur after taking a Grand Tour of the 
interior of the Christmas tree. 


  1. Might there be a cat tree (the carpet clad kind!) on one's Christmas list? Holly has 2 in separate rooms and they both see alot of action. The high perches are her 2nd favorite places to nap...the 1st being my feet.
    'Sticky Toffee' is a charming pic!

  2. Oh two naughty boys!! Now that Harris has gotten a taste of scaling that lamp, has he attempted it again? And have the two tried to climb higher into the tree?


  3. Jennifer loves the tree ornament you have and wants one just like it!! He looks beautiful in your tree.


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