Monday, December 10, 2012

Work Work Work

I'm about halfway through my little Post-Impressionist script-writing project, which is taking a ridiculous amount of time considering how short the scripts are supposed to be. The topics are complicated, the concepts need explanation, so unfortunately, everything I've written so far is about twice as long as it should be. (Wait, does that mean I'm done?) I do have a tendency to drone on (I know you're shocked).

I'm relieved that I've managed to write anything even if it's dreck; I'm finding it extremely easy to procrastinate. I think it's my greatest talent next to selecting kittens.

At this time of year, I'd much rather be Christmas shopping, baking, reading, blogging, hanging out with my cats, going for walks, wrapping gifts, listening to my extensive holiday playlist, and playing with my kittens. Heck, I'd rather be housecleaning, and that's saying a lot.

My kittens would also like to be playing with me, but how nice that they have each other:

Toffee and Harris are easy playmates, having spent ten long days eyeing and pawing at each other through the big crack under our office door as Toffee was "quarantined." What a joke: Harris is sneezing and sniffling from Toffee anyway; viruses are airborne.... But keeping Toffee separate did prevent the other cats from getting his intestinal parasites. (Or so we hope.)

I've noticed that Possum hasn't wrestled with or washed Toffee as he did Harris. Maybe he will warm up to him soon. He doesn't seem to mind having him around. He might be jealous that Toffee has gotten more press coverage recently than he has. But Toffee joined us and watched "Downton Abbey" attentively last night, so he and Possum do have shared interests.

Possum has been helping me with my art history research. and we're going to get back to it now, even though it's late. I want to finish by the end of Thursday, so I can relax and get our tree on Friday without having to think about post-Impressionists.

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  1. They are so handsome together. I'm glad the office door is open. You should try to cram in your least favourite household chore before you finish the paper. You know you won't feel the same desire to do it when you are finished.


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