Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Wreath-Decorating: Day 2

I was productive today: seven wreaths. We got a huge box of holly this morning, and since I decorate outdoor wreaths most of the time, I have dozens of tiny stab wounds on my (grubby) fingers tonight. I covered my fingertips with bandaids, which protected them until I lost a couple of bandaids inside some wreaths as I was wiring and tying, and didn't notice. I hope they don't surprise customers.

My wreath-making style has been branded as "preppy" or "Ralph Lauren," meaning traditional and lavish, with pinecones and a variety of greens. I tend to use large pinecones on outdoor wreaths to make them easily visible to passersby on the sidewalk. Two of my customers requested plaid bows and "over-the-top" looks that contributed to the effect. By the end of the day, I was asking my fellow decorators if they could smell Golden Retrievers and pipe smoke as they looked at my wreaths, or whether they felt as if they were ready to collapse into a leather Chesterfield with a glass of sherry after a long day of fox-hunting. They said they smelled crisp linen sheets and summer-house coastal breezes near my wreaths, while imagining that they were wearing jodhpurs.

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